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May 16 2024


19:00 - 19:40

Stellar Tour

Discover the Secrets of the Universe at the ‘Star Tour’ Event!

Attention young Europeans, lovers of the cosmos, and seekers of stellar knowledge! We are excited to announce the next ‘Stellar Tour’ event, designed especially for you. Join us on May 16 for an unforgettable journey through the outermost regions, where we will explore the constellations, fascinating mythologies, and astronomical curiosities that have captivated mankind for centuries.

Embark with us on a virtual boat trip as we explore the fascinating regions of the Canaries, Azores, Madeira, and Martinique. From the volcanic coasts of the Canaries to the lush rainforests of Martinique, each destination will take us closer to the stars and their mysteries.

You will also discover the history and meaning behind the constellations that adorn our night sky. Learn how ancient European cultures interpreted the cosmos and how these stories have endured over time.

Are you passionate about marine or maritime ecotourism and intrigued by astrology or astronomy? This event is for you! Immerse yourself in celestial knowledge and expand your mental horizons with us.

The event is finished.

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